Easter Eating

So I promise that I’ll get better about updating regularly, or at least semi-regularly, while traveling. But well, I dropped the ball slightly on my first trip since launching.

It was off for a catholic-filled weekend in the Rio Grande Valley! As usual, I was prepared to overeat, drink lots of Mexican beer and sweat. And I did all of them, with emphasis on the eating.

So, I get mad at Delta, sure, but is it just because I almost exclusively fly them? I mean, all airlines mess up and suck at times, right? Well Delta, I take back all of my cursing, because getting upgraded on 3/4 flights over the weekend was pretty damn great…. even with delays and being stuck at the Memphis airport for 7 hours. Note to self: never let your medallion status lapse.


Left DCA after a nice stay at the Delta Sky Club. Since we got a confirmation of upgrade on our second flight, we were able to glide through the sky priority lane, making our time in the Sky Club even longer.

Glassware on a Plane, No way.

After the Sky Club fun-times, we got on our first flight to Memphis. I really dislike this airport. It is dingy, always humid, and has really narrow hallways. On top of it, the food selection isn’t that great. I guess I may just be being picky, as nothing compares to DTW, but either way, I do not like flying there. So of course, I made the oh so wise decision to buy a veggie burger at a fast-food bbq restaurant. I really should have known better than to pay $11 for a soggy garden burger. I didn’t even get a drenching of barbecue sauce, something that would have made it all better.

Then with our flight “on time” after the hour layover, we left 45 minutes late. Of course it makes sense, silly.

Then it was valley time, after the 2 hour flight in the plush cabin. I feel like everyone knows that I am that guy that doesn’t belong in first class, as I suck down each drink quickly and stock up on all the snacks I can possibly get. Maybe I should work on that.

Once we drove from the McAllen airport, and arrived in Weslaco, I shoveled down a plate of cheese enchiladas, beans and rice. Yesss, the weekend has begun!


Mmm Cheese and shrimp.

The next morning, I surprisingly started a bit slow, not eating anything significant until lunchtime. Which, let me tell you, was pretty darn fantastic. Chips and Salsa, guacamole and then…. baked cheese….topped with grilled shrimp. Yeah, I went there. In ordering, I expected a small skillet, but not in the Valley. Try a freaking platter. I tried my hardest, but was only able to finish about half of it.

Following up at the trough, I of course wobbled next door to get some Mexican baked goods. mmm pan dulce.

Pan Dulce at the Mexican bakery

Then it was Mexico time! ran down to buy mom some vanilla, and to get $1 margaritas. How can anyone refuse?? I still can’t get over the ease of border crossing, and paying just 25 cents each way. Why is crossing back from Canada so much more complicated?


The holy day. I was expecting church, but instead I got beer. Sounds alright by me. Started the day with, oink, veggie soyrizo, napoles (cactus) eggs, with beans and tortilla. A great start to the day!

The big easter dinner was an outdoor barbecue, on the scorching 90-degree day, but it was nice. After devouring even more beans and rice,with shrimp and barbecued veggies, it was time for the easter egg hunt. But, it was done far differently than any I had ever done. In hollowed-out eggs is confetti, not candy or money. And when you find the eggs, you crack them over peoples heads. It was quite an adventure, but all the little girls found it fun to gang up on me. But then, maybe I am just an easy target.

After the easter bunny activities, we went out to South Padre Island to try to catch some last minute rays. It was quite lovely. We later had dinner on the strip, after getting the much needed vitamin-d flowing.

Day 4

The final day started horrifically early, as our flight left at 545 am. But, it didn’t.  It was delayed an hour, which forced us to miss our connecting flights. What made this ordeal worse was that the next option they could get us after a 7 hour wait in Memphis.

South Padre Island

Ugh, they were doing it to torment me and my thoughts of the airport I am pretty sure. We ended up on a flight from MEM-DCA, even though originally I booked an extra segment through IND, just to keep my status going.

We hung out at the sky club all day, which was very enjoyable. Sky Club’s really make layovers so much bet

ter. The comfy furniture, free wifi, unlimited drinks, and lots of snacks are way better than being out in the hallways. We were pleasantly surprised when we finally were boarding to DCA, and we were given more upgrades. Maybe we shouldn’t have stuffed ourselves 5 minutes previously in the club. Oh, well, we survived. And I was next to a Red Wings fan, so that was pretty cool too.

Back in DC, now, but off again Friday!


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