My Best Bite II

So this isn’t exactly from this week, but I have to go back into my food archives and share this, I just can’t refuse.

When I was in Northern Michigan in late May, I *finally* was able to try local morels. Morel mushrooms are a delicacy that can be found in woody areas in the spring, and Northern Michigan is one of the best breeding grounds for these magical little guys.

They aren’t cheap, do realize that — but they are worth every cent. I am a pretty big mushroom fan typically, but the morels blew my early thoughts out of the water. I had them at LuLu’s Bistro in Bellaire which has also become one of my new favorite places. They were served sauteed, with a light custard, greens and crustini to bring it all together. Man, I wish I would have ordered more. Even though morel season has just about come to a close, if you can still get a hold of some of these, do yourself a favor and eat it.

Morel Mushrooms from LuLu's in Bellaire, MI


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