So about a year ago, Gabe’s mother sent up a gallon bucket of pequin peppers from her garden. Being a pretty big fan of the spicy, I have been trying to incorporate these little guys into recipes ever since we got them, to no avail.

These guys are spicy, and really do over power a lot of recipes, so caution is key.

As I try to clear out my cabinets, I am experimenting with ways to get rid of these spicy mofos. So the other day I tried making a hot sauce….

And conveniently, since I broke my  I don’t have a food processor/ blender at the moment, I was forced to grind all of these peppers by hand (the only workout I got last month).

It was a pretty simple concoction, really, just peppers, oil, vinegar and garlic.

Now I know why TV shows always show hot-sauce makers wearing goggles and protective gear. My entire body was on fire! Even after 2 showers, the burn was still emanating from skin. I guess I’m ready for next time at least.

But after the burn subsided, and my eyes stopped tearing up, I bottled this poison up and tested it out….

And… it’s hot. It’s really damn hot. But it’s good. But it’s really damn hot. I am going to experiment with some new variations in coming weeks, my rubber gloves are ready!


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