As Cute as Pumpkin Pie

After getting 11 pumpkins last week, it was about time to finally start using them up. And on such a frigid holiday, work-less afternoon, a nice slice of pumpkin pie sounds just about perfect.

I started the afternoon off with baking 2 pumpkins then pureeing them, putting all of you canned pumpkin users to shame. Yeah, I went there. My mood was so great, little could stop it… except for a rotten pumpkin.

The first orange beauty that I chose fell from my hands as soon as I stepped into the kitchen and splat, all over the floor. And in case the tenderness was not enough of a sign of its rancidity, the disgusting smell of death that was suddenly filling my kitchen was. Fighting off Sophia from eating it, I was able to scoop it up and get rid of, all while hoping that this was just one bad seed among the lot.

Rotten Pumpkin

Phew, it seems all of the other pumpkins are fine. But my fear of rotten foods made me very cautious as I but into the 2 that I was going to use. Luckily they were smell free. Now lets hope that I can use the remaining 8 up before they succumb to the rot as well.

I wasn’t quite ambitious enough today, but the pumpkin seeds are reserved and await their turn in the oven with their dear friends olive oil and the spices.

So I guess I have to confess that a second motivation to make the pumpkin pie today was to have another excuse to use my shiny new food processor. I know I may sound like a bit of a broken record, but damn, I should have made the investment sooner. Don’t ask me about my mixer though…

steaming pumpkins

In the spirit of using up freezer items, I fused elements of a few different recipes to create the awe inspiring: peanut butter cookie crusted cream cheese pumpkin pie. Earlier this summer I ended up going a bit too wild on a Sunday-funday and making some monstrosity that was supposed to be peanut butter cookies. The next day I wisely ground the cookies up and saved them for a special occasion, and today was that day!

And then of course, in the process of pouring the filling into the pre-baked pie crust, I went overboard and over-filled the pie, creating quite a flood across my stove top. I was able to save enough of the mix before it hit the surface, so decided to be resourceful and make some mini muffin tin pies with the leftovers.

I sampled one of the babies out, and seem to be pretty happy with them. The pie itself needs to cool for a few hours in the fridge, then I can dig in. Until then, I guess I am forced to clean the kitchen…


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