Gorging Woes

We all know it happens. We wake up early — after a wild night — to properly brine that turkey bright and early. To dry out that pre-stuffing slices of bread, to peel those potatoes. Running on nothing but adrenaline, that 6-hour long morning goes by so much quicker than you thought it would. And OMG guests are coming over in 1 hour, but your pie still isn’t in the oven, your gravy is far from thickening and those damn potatoes won’t get soft!

If you’ve cooked a Thanksgiving dinner, all of these sentiments are familiar. The feelings of completion at 3:00 p.m. when you are pulling that last casserole out of the oven, and as you (finally) crack open that bottle of pinot grigio (funny story, it was never pinot grigio to begin with, but that really sounds better than *crap white wine*.)

What’s sadder than anything is how quickly the excitement fades, though. Once you serve that first plate, within 30 minutes it’s long gone. No longer are you excited by the complicated version of twice baked sweet potatoes that you were able to pull off, or the 3 different pies that are still cooling on the stove. Nope, all you can think about is that mess in the kitchen that inevitably will never get cleaned up.

This Thanksgiving was a real step back. It was my first cooking-solo, and was for a very small crowd. 2 others plus me made for a cozy gathering, but required all of the attention to detail as a 10-head seating would have. It was a tumultuous day most definitely, but I am happy to say, I pulled it off. Last year, I had my mother in town to brine that turkey to perfection, but dammit, this year, this pescetarian made it all work.

Expect a recap of the actual dinner tomorrow, but for now, let me revel in the facts that currently present themselves.

It’s actually quite sad, the thing I am most proud of right now is this:

A clean kitchen after a successful dinner makes for a really great weekend.

A clean kitchen. Sure, it may be 2:30 a.m. as I write this, but my kitchen is clean. My dishes are done. My leftovers are stacked up n the fridge. Sure I may have had a dicey green been dish, and my to-go pie may have not rested as much as it should have, but who cares? When it comes down to it, I have a clean kitchen and a very full stomach, so I claim victory!



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