An Early Christmas Present

Every day this month, I’m pretty sure people have thought I’m crazy. I made the wise… er… easy, decision to do most just about all of my Christmas shopping online. That sounds like a pretty good thing but the issue stands in that I have to have all of my packages delivered to my office. That isn’t really a problem, but it’s just a bit much when I have been getting multiple boxes for the last week or two. The mail room guy’s happy go lucky mentality had been transformed to a bit of a forced half-smile.

But today kinda went over the top. Charles, the mailroom guy came up with a cart and a massive box apparently for me… and holy shit! It’s a kitchenaid mixer…what? The thing that I have been asking for every year for the last 3 years and never expected to get, yep.

My lovely mother decided to surprise me with an early present….

And, well, after carrying this beast the mile walk home, I set her up and used her for a cookie recipe that really didn’t need it. And cookie season has begun!


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