If only I ate meat…

Man, oh man. It’s been almost 7 years since I gave up meat (except for the fishies) and I rarely look back. But sometimes there are just those smells that push you over the top. And a new meat-crush is prosciutto. I decided this weekend that the main draw to it has to do with the fact that it is cool, kinda trendy (but not quite bacon), a tad exotic and it’s something I have never consumed.. even in the days where I ate the flesh.

Of course I have my regular meat crushes (Arby’s roast beef.. i know, gross), but I haven’t given in, even once… and have no plan to do so. But this weekend when I was cooking up appetizers for my cookie exchange, the smell of prosciutto really got me. I was cooking some of the Italian saltiness up for my prosciutto meatballs and I was going crazy! So what do I do in this instance? I just make everyone around me eat the darn things and explain the taste to me. Kinda lame, I know. Let’s hope I can find some sort of flavor replication (I’m not too optimistic since liquid smoke can only go so far.)

Prosciutto Meatball

I’ll say this, I made dozens and dozens and dozens of cookies (way too many) and other appetizers. But the only thing that completely disappeared were these fleshy, smoky balls. Oh yeah, and I had like 60 of them from the get go. I guess I have a new meaty go-to recipe for folks.

Side note — do people think it’s weird that although a dedicated pesci– that I am alright with cooking meat for others? I mean, I made 5 appetizers altogether, and only one had meat — I just like to make sure everyone has lots of stomach-filling things to eat while at my house.


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