Lay(ed) Over


Firstly, I am really digging this WordPress app for iPad. Given today’s circumstances of travel nightmares, it’s quite fitting that it’s my first full day using this beautifully shiny iPad.

This morning I left DC bound for south Texas to spend some time with Gabe’s family before heading to Austin to celebrate my birthday. I woke up bright and early to make my 8am flight. And as these things go, after getting there I was notified of a weather delay. It seemed rather innocent at first, but having just a 1-hour layover in Atlanta, I was a bit concerned. Cutting to the chase, one delay after another, I didn’t make my flight…er, my flight left without me.

Not a big deal deal you would think, being at the “busiest airport in the world” but, oh how wrong you were. You see, there are two flights daily from Atlanta to McAllen…. After missing the morning flight, the next was not until 5:45. As disgusting as that sounds, after arriving at 11, it got worse as throughout the day the flight has been pushed back. As I write, we se looking at a 7:45 departure.Yeah, almost 9 hours after touchdown. as I’m typing I received a push notification telling me of yet another 15 minute delay…..

I respect the process as much as the next guy, but I’m over it. No, I’m WAY over it!

So here is my lovely list of airport activities. And at this rate, I may be having to add to this list.

1) I went to the self help kiosk a few times at various locations, printed off my boarding pass and crumpled it up. It may sound stupid, but it was quite therapeutic. Plus since they didn’t give me any meal vouchers, I’m getting my money’s worth somewhere.

2) What started as a hunt for the kiosks turned into a walking tour of the “world’s busiest airport.” you know, it really is a big airport. But I walked it all. Each and every corridor (even the ones that they have trams for.) there’s s lot going on at this place. There were some nifty art displays of recycled clothing among other cool sights.

3) I seriously debated going into Atlanta proper, but quickly decided against it. Partially since I was just here a couple of months ago and did all of the fun tourist things, and partially because I had no goal or destination to go toward. So I did the next best long-term option available, go to the sky club.

Of all places to do it, this is it. With my airline credit card, I get in for $25 and have all day access. And not to mention there are 6 clubs here. Much of my day has looked like this: booze, eat snacks, get boozy, sit back with my feet up, social media-ing and repeat.

I tell people this all the time, but really, for a layover, airline lounges are an amazing deal. Comfort, wifi, snacks and open bar. Yes.

4) I decided to try to be creative. So I developed a layover scavenger hunt to kill some time. And then I embarked on said hunt. The list included items like non-military camo wearers, republican campaign button, hot soldier, people speaking French, and many othereven. One obscure and weird things. Hey, what the heck would you do in my shoes?

I didn’t get too far as my lack of sleep caught up with me and sloth-like tendencies emerged.

5) I splurged. No, it wasn’t on the minute beds sleeping lounge, it was on lunch. I’ve been avoiding overrating today knowing that I most certainly will be shoving my face it’s tamales and fried things for the next few days. Plus I got upgraded and I apparently get dinner on my flight…. Whenever that happens, that is.

So I found One Flew South. I read good things online, but damn, this may have been my savior of the day. Thy market themselves as high end international cuisine, with a southern flare. And all I can say is that more places like this need to be in airports.

You don’t feel like you are stressed or even in an airport for that moment, you are ordering delicious, fresh food — not chain, frozen garbage. It definitely is s bit pricier than most anywhere else in the place, but sell worth it. I’ll spare you of the details, but they surely will be in my yelp review soon.

And now I sit here patiently awaiting my boarding call. Until then, an open bottle of Jack Daniels has my name on it.

*this is my first entry from iPad, please excuse any typos or autocorrect mishaps at surely are present.


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