Mi Kapusta, y Su Kapusta?

Apparently posting regularly was not a New Year’s resolution. Alas, I have returned and am hunkering down to the world of writing once again.

The last week or so, I’ve been in a bit of a lul in the kitchen. With Gabe out of town, and me finally working on some of that whole relaxing thing, I just haven’t had much motivation to get crazy. But today, it all changed. Maybe it was my welcome home cocktail today, or maybe it was my third cup of coffee in the office. Either way, I worked it out today.

Knowing that my CSA order is coming tonight, I figured it made sense to use up as much of the produce in the fridge as possible. I bought a head of organic red cabbage a few days ago waiting for the special moment since who doesn’t love some good cabbage? Ok, maybe I’m weird, but it’s comfort food for me. My good ol’ Polish Catholic roots raised me on this stinky, sour delicacy, so devouring a heaping plate always brings me back.

So I started by shredding it up.

Then after getting a good shred, I moved onto **tears** shredding a  red onion. And just my luck, this guy was right on the edge of getting bad so was extra pungent.

After that, I melted down some margarine (sorry Grandma, no butter) then threw all the shreds in. Once it melted down, I threw in some white wine vinegar, water, salt and pepper, brown sugar and called it a day. Then after about a half hour it was ready! I served it with some sliced mini vegan sausages and dinner was served. Pretty sure my house is going to smell like cabbage for a week though.

Oh, and you think this is all I was up to tonight. Oh, no. I was busy as a bee in the kitchen, so busy in fact, that I didn’t notice a bright red candle that decided to melt and drip into a huge mess on my white carpet. Ohhhh, yeah. Just wait for my little surprise tomorrow morning. And if you just so happen to be a coworker of mine, you are in for an even bigger treat IRL (year, I went there.)


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