Peanut Butter, Banana, Oatmeal, Whole Wheat Muffins

Enter conundrum: I want a sweet. No, I want to be healthy. No, I worked out today, I’m allowed to eat dessert. No, wait, I’m not going to make dessert because I’ll eat it all. I’ll just sit here and take a few pieces out of the big Mike n Ike box each time I walk past it.

Yeah that was my story the last few days, leading to complications. I avoided eating a dessert I really wanted and ended up eating super processed sugary candies instead.

I figured if I was going to make something, it had to serve a few purposes. And what better answer than to make something sweet enough to be dessert and then to work as breakfast in the morning.

Inspired by the Breakfast Bachelor’s breakfast baking, I decided to go for some muffins.

Now before I continue I have a slight confession. I’ve become the banana horder that I always hated my mother for being. Growing up, I would open the freezer to pull out my eggos, and it never failed that a rock hard, brown banana would fall out on my foot, making for a cranky morning. I chastised her, I hated those damn bananas and never understood why she didn’t just thrown them away when they got close to going bad. But, well, now I kinda get it.

I can’t win the banana war in this town. The grocery stores religiously either have way too ripe, or way to not-ripe bananas on the shelf. And then once they get home, it’s the same story. And really, a banana a day is about my max. Well jump to last night, I was in a predicament where I had 15 bananas in my freezer. Yeah, that’s 15 bananas that have little use besides baking, and 15 bananas that are taking up some precious vodka space in the freezer.

I know it may not be a huge dent, but I started the consumption by mashing up three of those bruised up buggers for this peanut butter, banana, oatmeal muffin recipe. I made some tweaks to fit what I had in the kitchen and to make it even healthier than it already was.

And let’s be honest fellow kitchen hounds, there’s little better than making something tasty, healthy AND being able to use up ingredients that are nearing their end. Nothing. That’s what.

So instead of the 1.5 cups of white flour the recipe called for, I used 1 cup of locally milled whole wheat flour and then 1/2 cup of the regular flour. As much as I love my whole wheat flour, to get proper consistency, it needs a little love from his brother from another mother, the white flour.

Also, instead of buttermilk, I used some fat-free sour cream that was leftover from the holiday baking time.

And man, oh, man what a success! I was able to get my sugar fix accompanied by some protein and some potassium. Plus, I have a great start to the morning today. But, as good as they may be, I just can’t eat 18 muffins by myself… well, I can, but I’m not going to, so my office is going to get a bit of a healthy treat today. Hopefully I don’t break anyone’s Resolutions too badly.


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