Long overdo, I finally decided to launch the newly retooled chrisstergalas.com.  In theory, I will blog about progressive politics, food, travel and bulldogs, but only time will tell.

Progressive Politics: A self-proclaimed political nerd for years, I have had opportunities to work for many leaders as well as causes that I believe in both in the United States and our great neighbor to the north, Canada. Still fighting the good fight, I hope to bring commentary from my life in D.C., causes that I work with and things my rockstar friends do.

Food: I should be fat. No, really, I should be. I like food quite a lot, and it just makes sense for me to bring you along for the culinary journeys. Focal points include: deep fried things, cheese, chocolate and beer, again I note, I like food. Besides stuffing my face with caloric masterpieces, my kitchen and I have learned to work together quite well.

Travel: There is nothing like getting away, even if its for a quick day trip. I am always scheming for my next adventure all while trying to rack up Delta segments. Be it a warm sunny beach, a Michigan lake, a microwbrewery or just the view from an obscene amount of 20 minute layovers, this blog will bring it all to the surface.

Bulldogs: I’m obsessed. Being raised by bulldogs more or less, my passion remains strong. As I torture myself through looking at cute bulldogs that I can’t have, I decided it only makes sense to make you suffer through as well. Annnd I may be known to favor walking out of my way just to pass a dog park.

Where ever this blog goes, I thank you for bearing with me for the ride. Let’s make it fun.


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