This is why I don’t work out.

Frenchie on Yoga Mat I try to work out, but Sophia like to make it her own bed. #WhyIdontWorkOut


A Year of Sophia

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been one year already! But yes, one year ago today, we brought this little bundle of love home with us from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.

And let’s face it, we’ve had our share of hurdles with the little princess, but any way you shape it, this little girl has changed our lives for the better. She may not be the most dog-friendly, and she still may have accidents (or puke on the carpet right after we had it cleaned) but she’s one of the best cuddlers a guy could ask for, and helps make the apartment feel warmer.

To celebrate her one-year since being born again, I decided she needed a special treat. Instead of having a full-blown party like I actually debated, I just went for a cake for the little girl.

As much as I wanted to let her eat the whole thing… I knew it was in the best interest of my floors that it be divided up over a few days.

Sophia's First Glance

Sophia’s First Glance

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Dirty Sophia

It’s time for another Sophia confession: She stinks.

She’s a sloppy lil thing sometimes who likes to root around in dirt, lay in a dirty bed after having an accident, or getting into something else that she’s not supposed to. But with the stink comes our favorite time of the year bath season. In the winter, all anyone wants to do is curl up and stay warm, having a cooling down bath is just plain terrible. And as the weather gets warmer (except today) that means we get to bring out Sophia’s enemy — the bath tub.

Sophia About to Take the Plunge

Sophia About to Take the Plunge

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A Mexican Valentine’s Day Dinner

Hello. Gabe here. Let me tell you what a normal evening at home is like:

Chris: What do feel like eating today, option 1, 2 or 3?

Me: I think option 2.

Chris: Well I really feel like making option 3.

STORY. OF. MY. LIFE! (I know I’m spoiled. Whatever.)

This Valentine’s Day we didn’t feel like joining the mobs for a ‘romantic’ dinner with an overpriced menu, so we simply turned the tide at home. I made dinner for a change. I mean…I make dinner sometimes…but it is rarely, if ever, pescatarian friendly. Dinner consisted of vegetarian beef and cheese enchiladas, Spanish rice, refried beans, empanadas, and homemade margarita-like cocktails. Continue reading

The Kitchen Help

Sometimes it seems like it takes double the amount of time that it should to make the simplest of meals. But it’s times like this that it’s helpful to have some help in the kitchen.

Now, while I sometimes discourage kitchen help from others, and like to have control of my domain, lately I’ve been glad to have some help.

Sous Chef Sophia

But, when it comes down to it, she’s really only good at helping to clean up messes. It’s the small things.

Princess Sophia’s Etiquette Course

So, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle for our Princess Sophia, we have developed some rules for her. I have established that I am a bit ridiculous.

Princess Sophia’s Etiquette Course

Princess Sophia all too frequently channels her royal lineage and likes to think that she can get whatever she believes will satiate her at whatever time is convenient to her. Sadly for her, this type of behavior is unacceptable and thus, she is on a rigorous etiquette training program. In order to present her royal highness with the most luxurious and comfortable surroundings, it is key that some vital points are followed both by her servants and her royal highness.

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Meet Sophia!

Welcome to Washington, DC, Sophia!

Meet Sophia!

After a long van ride from a shelter in South Carolina, this pretty little french bulldog is now ours!

She needs some fattening up, and a little bit of training refreshers, but otherwise she is getting along great. She’s friendly with both people and dogs and quite the inquisitive type.

She is 4 years old, and seems to have had a rough life. She still feels the need to hide her treats when she gets them so that other dogs don’t get them, but I am certain she will get all the pampering and love that she needs to thrive here.

Sophia watching "My Dog Skip"

I’m Getting a Frenchie!!!

After much deliberation and application, Gabe and I are getting a frenchie! We founder our little princess on the DC based Lucky Dog animal rescue site. Conveniently, we applied almost instantly after she was listed!

She is a 4 year old beaut hailing from South Carolina, and she will be in our home this Saturday!

When she first came into the shelter she was just 10 pounds! Woa, 10 pounds for a frenchie is baaad. But now she is up to 23, so encouraging news.

More to come once she arrives, but for now I will continue perusing Amazon for pet products I can spoil her with.