Eating San Francisco

A few years ago, I was in San Francisco and had a pretty decent time. I was locked up in Alcatraz, I broke some laws on Castro Street, I ate some Chinese food, I saw some big otter-like critters, you know, the important things. But beyond a quick long weekend, I’ve never spent much more time there, or really ever considered it to be a high-priority city to explore.

I was pretty darn fortunate though, as a work conference crated me up and shipped me out to the other coast for a week, and Gabe tagged along for a few days of it!

Doughnut Eating

Doughnut Devouring at Dynamo Donuts.

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Bluesy Rock and Barbecue

I’m feeling like I’m in high school. I’ve got a crush, one that I’m not supposed to have. One that I never thought I would have, but once I dipped my pinkie toe in, I was head over heals.

All I can say is that Austin is sunny surprise of a city. Maybe it’s not all that surprising, really, since half the people I know seem to be having the same thoughts.

Maybe it’s because it’s Texas. And maybe because I tend to think things out well in advance and try to set a bit of a course for myself to follow. Well either way, spending a few days in Austin really changed my mind. I mean, it’s moved itself onto my shortlist of “places I could live if jobs didn’t matter.”

Before I start planning my next trip (wait, I lied, I’ve already been doing that), here’s why I love Austin…

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Lay(ed) Over


Firstly, I am really digging this WordPress app for iPad. Given today’s circumstances of travel nightmares, it’s quite fitting that it’s my first full day using this beautifully shiny iPad.

This morning I left DC bound for south Texas to spend some time with Gabe’s family before heading to Austin to celebrate my birthday. I woke up bright and early to make my 8am flight. And as these things go, after getting there I was notified of a weather delay. It seemed rather innocent at first, but having just a 1-hour layover in Atlanta, I was a bit concerned. Cutting to the chase, one delay after another, I didn’t make my flight…er, my flight left without me.

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Beautiful Shenandoah

Catching up on last weekend’s get away, some photos of the beautiful Shenandoah National Park in Virginia mountain country are definitely required. So glad I was able to get out there while fall was still in full swing!

Shenandoah National Park

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You Had Me at “Free Continental Breakfast”

How many times have I done it? Stayed at a lackluster hotel/motel/flea-bag because of the golden words “free continental breakfast?” A lot.

And I can complain about a lumpy bed, or my “free hbo” not really working or limited water pressure. I’ll complain, but I can usually get over it, if I am travelling on a budget, which I usually am. I go back to the line my mother (who likely will comment on this) used to say when we’d travel “how often are you in the room anyway?”

Strawberry, pineapple, blueberry smoothie = better than "free continental breakfast."

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Alimentaire, le soleil et la démocratie

I’ve been to Montreal for two quick jaunts before, but it’s been a couple of years, and I had never stayed more than a day. I always know when I had a good trip somewhere because a day or two after I return, I am looking for an excuse to go back or planning my next trip there. This is definitely the case with Montreal.

Rickard's Red in Montreal

I went up for a nice 4 day weekend, in the spirit of friends, food and democracy– it didn’t hurt that there was some nice sunshine involved either!

I swear, though, some travel gods must be pretty mad at me right now. My long weekend trip was flanked by two down right ridiculous excessive flight delays.

I started the trip taking off from DCA, and using up my premature arrival time to go back to my friends at the Delta Skyclub in preparation for a great and busy weekend. I was thrilled to take off on time, and arrive in Detroit for a quick layover, but definitely with enough time to grab a quick Detroit lager and National Coney Island Greek salad. And then I realized I actually had enough time to brew the beer and age the cheese myself as my flight to Montreal was delayed a whopping 4.5 hours. I’ve had some bad delays, but this was definitely one of the worst. But of all places to have such a delay, I am really glad I was in Detroit, my hometown.

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Easter Eating

So I promise that I’ll get better about updating regularly, or at least semi-regularly, while traveling. But well, I dropped the ball slightly on my first trip since launching.

It was off for a catholic-filled weekend in the Rio Grande Valley! As usual, I was prepared to overeat, drink lots of Mexican beer and sweat. And I did all of them, with emphasis on the eating.

So, I get mad at Delta, sure, but is it just because I almost exclusively fly them? I mean, all airlines mess up and suck at times, right? Well Delta, I take back all of my cursing, because getting upgraded on 3/4 flights over the weekend was pretty damn great…. even with delays and being stuck at the Memphis airport for 7 hours. Note to self: never let your medallion status lapse.

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