No More Weeds!

And more of our gardening delights!

Two Boys & A House

So I said yesterday, we went a bit crazy in yard work this past weekend.

A little color never hurt anybody, after all. (Actually, I take that back… did you see the carpet when we moved in?)

The new hanging flower baskets

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Building a Raised Vegetable Bed

More of what we’ve been up to, on the home renovation and urban gardening front.

Two Boys & A House

If our lack of posts here haven’t been an indication, we’ve been getting a bit, er, stir crazy working in the house.

So of course, when we had an amazing weekend, we couldn’t wait to get outside and do some work in a less confined space.

Our yard needed some help. It was a blan yard mixed of various patches of grass, but mostly just weeds. Lots and lots of weeds.

Being all domestic and such, we were really stoked about being able to grow lots and lots of vegetables this year. So first on the list of yard transformations: a raised vegetable garden!

Here’s what we were starting with. Front Yard Before

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We’re In.

Wonder why I’ve disappeared from here lately? Well,, check out my latest journey and all of your questions will be answered!

Two Boys & A House

There have been more than a few hurdles.

And I’ve earned more than a couple of gray hairs.

But, after months of stress, discontent and second guessing, we have finally received the keys to our new house.

It’s surely going to be lots of ups and downs, but hopefully with a great ending. So stay tuned and follow along. And maybe help clean up some of the dust, too.

Welcome Home

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Stretch Your Michigan Love 

Stretch Your Michigan Love

When it comes down to it, everything I know came from Michigan. And hey, that good ol’ state has seen its ups and downs, but dammit, it’s not going anywhere. Some awesome folks just created a new site, where they’re helping to spread the greatest news about Michigan to displaced Michiganders around the world.

I’m happy to be guest blogging from time to time, so go check out my rambling, or some of the other awesome articles about beer, vodka, bicycles and other awesome stuff.