Still Love that Cheap Beer?

I remember a day back in college, on a road trip to Virginia with some friends. We were staying in a cheap motel, and of course, drinking cheap beer.

Being one not to judge with cheap beer, I expected to be drinking that watered down beer I was so used to the entire trip. That was, until someone walked in with a case of Yuengling.

I had no idea what this weirdly named beer was, but was pleasantly surprised by it, a cheap-beer that was actually pretty good.

For years, I flocked to it. Every trip in the mid-Atlantic involved drinking it pretty constantly and driving back a case or two home.

Living in DC now, Yuengling, the “oldest brewer in America” sounds like a pretty solid bet and because of that is a featured pour at most bars in town.

But no more.

I don’t care that Yuengling is cheap. I don’t care that it’s a decent beer. What I do care about is how a company that makes a product I purchase treats its workers.


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Eating San Francisco

A few years ago, I was in San Francisco and had a pretty decent time. I was locked up in Alcatraz, I broke some laws on Castro Street, I ate some Chinese food, I saw some big otter-like critters, you know, the important things. But beyond a quick long weekend, I’ve never spent much more time there, or really ever considered it to be a high-priority city to explore.

I was pretty darn fortunate though, as a work conference crated me up and shipped me out to the other coast for a week, and Gabe tagged along for a few days of it!

Doughnut Eating

Doughnut Devouring at Dynamo Donuts.

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