Dirty Sophia

It’s time for another Sophia confession: She stinks.

She’s a sloppy lil thing sometimes who likes to root around in dirt, lay in a dirty bed after having an accident, or getting into something else that she’s not supposed to. But with the stink comes our favorite time of the year bath season. In the winter, all anyone wants to do is curl up and stay warm, having a cooling down bath is just plain terrible. And as the weather gets warmer (except today) that means we get to bring out Sophia’s enemy — the bath tub.

Sophia About to Take the Plunge

Sophia About to Take the Plunge

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A knitted up Frenchie

Sophia doesn’t like cold weather. She shivers when she walks outside and it is not warm and sunny. So the solution? She needed a coat.

This past weekend we got her a red cable-knit turtle neck for her warming enjoyment. the verdict? It keeps her warm and she enjoys it. I see more clothing in her future….