3’s a Crowd

Dear Sir,

I must admit that I dearly enjoy viewing your three french bulldogs from afar. As it just so happens, this is the third occasion that I have had the opportunity to marvel in their beauty. As much as I know that if I also had three french bulldogs of my own I would walk them everywhere to show off, I have begun to feel as if you taunt me. I mean, I see you in different parts of town with your three little trotting guys.

But, I must say, I understand how difficult it is to raise three dogs of your own in such a bustling city environment. I mean mother always said three’s a crowd after all.  So I present you with a solution to your dilemma: I will do you the favor of taking one of these prime specimens off of your hands, allowing you to only carry two doggy bags with you out on morning walks, instead of three; eliminate the need for a third dog crate in your living room; and more importantly, give you more space on your couch for a partner.

So please contact me at your earliest convenience and I will help rid you of this problem once and for all.