Klassy Mimosas All Around

What better way to spend a Sunday than sipping mimosas? I can think of only a few. And what way to make afternoon mimosas even more special, than to fresh squeeze the oranges.

I bought a huge bag of oranges a couple of weeks ago, and some of them are starting to get close to the point of no return. So instead of going on citrus binge, I figured I’d squeeze them and make for some spectacular mimosas.

Sound’s sophisticated enough. And then I realized that the only bubbly that I had left was some A-class Cook’s.

Now, I’m not one to turn my nose to a cheap drink, but there was just something about the irony of the matter that I couldn’t stop laughing at myself. I mean, spending 10 minutes squeezing oranges, for a delectable beverage… and then mixing it together with some 3.99 sparkling wine.

Obla di, obla da, it’s gone now and I have no complaints.