The Cost of Thinking Healthy

I have a gym membership. Yet, I often like to think of my gym as my good acquaintance. One who is always there for me when needed, but I can easily hide away for as long as I so desire.

But at the same time, I know that without this mighty membership key fob, I would tell myself that I will go for evening runs, or do yoga at home, or any of the other things that people do, and then never do it. But what is the cost?

Maybe I have started a month back on the wagon-o-workouts, or maybe not, but as of today I have gone to the gym twice this month! That’s every day of the calendar month so far! Go me. That means I get to eat a second piece of pie tonight annnd smother it with ice cream and feel zero guilt.

Well what that also means is that to date, each of my workouts has cost me $30. I have attempted to think of my time at the gym as simply lowering my costs, in hopes that it will motivate me to go more often. You see, last month I *thought* a lot about going to the gym. And well, I really wanted to. But, things just, uh, happened and the gym and I kept our distance. There goes one month membership down the drain. But then there are also good months…months where I go multiple times a week for the entire time and my cost of working out is like $7.

So maybe that’s it. Maybe I just have to tell myself that I am wasting money. But how could I ever cancel? Once that happens, I might as well get my spandex sweat pants and over-sized nascar tee ready and just run with it.

I repeat: I have gone to the gym every day this month.