Boycotting Halloween

This has got to be a first in at least a while. But this year I seem to have unintentionally/intentionally boycotted Halloween.

It wasn’t just laziness, but more so a lack of excitement. I mean I like gorging on a bag of fun-size kit kats as much as the next guy, but why do I have to do that while shivering in leggings? Ok, maybe its just memories of unfortunate Halloweens past, but this year I am staying put. Sure there were parties with fun people, outlets to binge drink on punch and spiked cider, but I’d rather do that on my couch well watching Hocus Pocus. And well, thats kinda what I did all weekend. That and buy boots.

It’s funny, I remember my days of high school, being obsessed with Halloween. It wasn’t really about my costume — something I would haphazardly throw together with items I gathered from family members, or random things I found at the local Value Village. For me it was all about the theatrics behind it. Building elaborate displays in my front yard, full of months of creations was a regular thing for years. Maybe my ridiculousness back then got the bug out of me, or maybe I am just becoming a bitter 20-something.

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