Martha Got Me Again

So I’m trying to come up with my list of excuses of why I’ve not been blogging as much as I told myself I would in 2012. Maybe it’s that I’ve been going to the gym a lot, but I really haven’t gone since the first week of the month. Or maybe that my boyfriend’s been keeping me too busy with social activities, but then there’s the fact that he’s been in the (not so glorious) state of Indiana for the last three weeks. Or maybe that… I lost power and had no access to internet? Ok, now I’m just reaching.

I guess I’ve just been slacking off more than I would like to admit (but heh, I’m doing it publicly.) So in my attempt to right this ship, today I went back to Martha. And hey, I know I’ve had my ups and downs with Martha’s recipes, I figured I’d give her a shot tonight.

And of course, because it’s a Martha recipe, I inevitably missed a step, but for all the better, it just cut calories and I was still very satisfied. The recipe was for Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower, Parsley and Breadcrumbs (I forgot the breadcrumbs).

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A Bake Sale Mom

It’s truly been a bake sale weekend in Shaw. I guess in part it’s because of the cool weather, in part because of Gabe being out of town and in part because it’s basically the start of the holiday season. Whatever my justifications are, I have spent nearly every waking hour this weekend, in the kitchen. Of course, though, I was graced with a snafu or two. Such is life.

I actually got so carried away, that my photo-taking was quite limited. Instead of the usual play-by-play, it seems the best I can do is take  collective photos after the fact.

So as the weekend concludes here is what is on my sacrificial offering table: gallons of pumpkin butter (well… I’m not sure it’s gallons per say, but its a whole lot of pumpkin butter), a peck of apples peeled, sliced and frozen, mollasses turkey cookies with butter cream icing(they are just cut out as turkeys, don’t start thinking something nasty), butternut squash-sage-spinach lasagna, 2 trays of spiced pumpkin seeds and a pumpkin praline pie.

Pumpkin Butter

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