Oops, I forgot about you.

Woa, where has the time gone? I’m going to have to stop trying to make excuses as to what life obstacle got in my way and took me away from blogging for so long. A new job. Vacation. Summer sunning. Summer drinking. Sumer cooling. The list could go on.

Instead of pretending that I will be able to finish every saved draft I’ve created and forgotten about. Let’s try killing a few birds with one stone. I present to you my compilation: My Month in the Kitchen (or so). Here are some of the fun things that I’ve been up to over the last couple of months…

Bourbon Brownies

Bourbon Brownies

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Dirty Sophia

It’s time for another Sophia confession: She stinks.

She’s a sloppy lil thing sometimes who likes to root around in dirt, lay in a dirty bed after having an accident, or getting into something else that she’s not supposed to. But with the stink comes our favorite time of the year bath season. In the winter, all anyone wants to do is curl up and stay warm, having a cooling down bath is just plain terrible. And as the weather gets warmer (except today) that means we get to bring out Sophia’s enemy — the bath tub.

Sophia About to Take the Plunge

Sophia About to Take the Plunge

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The Kitchen Help

Sometimes it seems like it takes double the amount of time that it should to make the simplest of meals. But it’s times like this that it’s helpful to have some help in the kitchen.

Now, while I sometimes discourage kitchen help from others, and like to have control of my domain, lately I’ve been glad to have some help.

Sous Chef Sophia

But, when it comes down to it, she’s really only good at helping to clean up messes. It’s the small things.

As Cute as Pumpkin Pie

After getting 11 pumpkins last week, it was about time to finally start using them up. And on such a frigid holiday, work-less afternoon, a nice slice of pumpkin pie sounds just about perfect.

I started the afternoon off with baking 2 pumpkins then pureeing them, putting all of you canned pumpkin users to shame. Yeah, I went there. My mood was so great, little could stop it… except for a rotten pumpkin.

The first orange beauty that I chose fell from my hands as soon as I stepped into the kitchen and splat, all over the floor. And in case the tenderness was not enough of a sign of its rancidity, the disgusting smell of death that was suddenly filling my kitchen was. Fighting off Sophia from eating it, I was able to scoop it up and get rid of, all while hoping that this was just one bad seed among the lot.

Rotten Pumpkin

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